Press Release
Published On: December 15, 2023

The Viv Hotel - Top of the V - Chef Nate McCoy

Chef Nate McCoy, Executive Chef at Top of the V

Chef Nate McCoy is one of Anaheim’s leading chefs with over 13 years of experience in the restaurant business. He is the newly appointed Executive Chef at Top of the V, an upscale rooftop restaurant at The Viv Hotel. Chef Nate has been deeply involved with Top of the V for the past three years and was excited to be promoted to Executive Chef as he continues to serve authentic Spanish cuisine.

Chef Nate grew up outside of Los Angeles in the Inland Empire and was the first in his family to enter the culinary world. His initial interest in cooking came at 22 when he saved earnings from working in a warehouse to splurge at an expensive Spanish restaurant. After his first experience with fine dining, his obsession for flavor grew and eventually led him to the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in Pasadena, where he studied from 2004 to 2006.

By immersing himself in various culinary scenes, Chef Nate developed a broad set of skills and a passion for the industry. His first position was Assistant Cook for Norwegian Cruise Lines, and he then went on to open the Pinnacle Restaurant at Falkner Winery in Temecula, CA, as Lead Pantry Cook.

Chef Nate joined Rancho Bernardo’s El Bizcocho in 2008, beginning as Garde Manger and working up to Lead Line Cook. He later transitioned to Chef Tournant at The Jonathan Club, a private fine-dining experience and a five-star Platinum Club. Chef Nate moved to Ra Pour in 2011, serving as the restaurant’s Sous Chef, and later returned to Jonathan Club as Sous Chef from 2013 to 2017. He was then hired as Chef de Partie at InterContinental’s La Boucherie, where he managed the culinary staff for three years. In 2020, he joined The Viv Hotel’s Top of the V as Chef de Cuisine until he was promoted to Executive Chef in October 2023.

Chef Nate credits his passion for modernist cuisine to Chefs Steven Rojas and Edgar Beas. He attributes his ability to excel within the field to other renowned chefs he has worked with, such as Top Chef winners Michael Voltaggio of Ink and Mei Lin, owner of Daybird, as well as Michelin-star Chefs Tony Esnault, owner of Knife Pleat, and Jacob Kear, owner of LURRA in Kyoto, Japan.

With a dedication to fostering collaboration and individual growth among his team members at Top of the V, Chef Nate is focused on creating an inclusive culture of ongoing mentorship with a shared commitment to providing an outstanding guest experience. Armed with extensive knowledge of regional ingredient sourcing, Chef Nate has a culinary vision that extends beyond the kitchen and emphasizes the importance of sustainable practices. He is passionate about educating his Top of the V staff on eco-friendly, local, and seasonal ingredients and reducing food waste. His ultimate goal is to build a rooftop garden, taking even more significant steps toward supporting green efforts and food waste reduction in Anaheim.

Chef Nate will embrace culinary influences throughout Spain and expose guests to new techniques, flavors, and evolving offerings. Chef Nate and his team will introduce seasonal menu items with creative changes to keep the menu fresh, incorporate environmentally friendly selections, maintain live-fire cooking techniques, and welcome modernist culinary innovations.

Top of the V is an elegant rooftop restaurant offering spectacular sunset city-scape views with an innovative selection of Spanish dishes, such as Bomba rice, Charred octopus, Iberico pork chops, and Galician beef striploin, along with an extensive wine selection that pairs perfectly with each menu item. For more information on Top of the V and The Viv Hotel and to make a reservation, visit